Language Overview

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PasScript is natively implemented Pascal like language. It is untyped, Variant-based, dynamic scripting language. PasScript supports declaration of procedures and functions, variables and constants declaration, global statements. It also supports Delphi like true exception handling features using raise/try/except/finally syntax.


The language introduce a variety set of statements to control execution of the script-code. For conditional code execution the program can use conditional statements, for looping/iterating - loop statements, for exception raising and handling - exception handling statements.


PasScript is untyped Variant-based language. This means that every variable, parameter or constant in the language is of Variant type. PasScript supports all Variant value types, supported by Delphi, including numbers, strings, booleans, dates, IDispatch objects, as well as special values nil, Unassigned, Null, True, False. Arrays are also supported.