What's new in NG ConnectionPack 2018

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What's new in NG ConnectionPack 2018

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Package has been fully re-designed. More formal way of implementing REST services has been implemented.

New advanced API Explorer tool has been provided, which can be used directly inside Delphi IDE at design-tim, and allows to test and learn REST services quickly and intuitively, without writing code.

Supported service list has been changed. Please read here about currently supported services.

Package now tries to provide most complete REST service wrappers. REST services are implemented "as is", much closer to original services structure. Service operation list, requests parameter list, resulting data format - all are quite similar to the original services structure, provided by respective vendors.

New formal type system for data types and requests parameters: supports primitive, list, map and objects types. As well, special types for uploading and downloading stream data is provided.

All types are nullable, which allows to support dynamic nature of the corresponding REST services. Developer can always specify only required request parameters, and as well, can detect, which data properties has been really returned from the server.

New EHttpError exception class is used to report HTTP exceptions, which provides access to StatusCode, StatusText and extended ErrorInfo text, returned as a HTTP body.


Please read here about new package architecture.